Threaded Red


Threaded Red (previously Priestessing the Paradigm Shift) is a community platform devoted to sharing the teachings of Sacred Menstruation, merging ancient ancestral wisdom with modern-day science. Our mission is to support people as they create deep and meaningful relationships with their bodies and menstrual cycles.

We vision the possibility of a world where all people have access to excellent menstrual education, and options for menstruating how they choose to. We believe that all people deserve to bleed with dignity. We stand for Menstrual Equity, Education, and Empowerment for All.


This container supports, honors, uplifts, and holds you accountable as you step into your innate presence as a Priestess, Ceremonialist, Facilitator, and Space Holder.


Facilitating circle is no small responsibility. A circle held with integrity is a circle in which all people are respected as equals. It is the job of the Priestess to create and maintain a container in which individuals are welcome to show up as their authentic selves and express their truths.


We believe that all people deserve access to circle, and all of the healing and connection that is available through it. We hold a strong vision for a world where all communities have sharing circles, and where all facilitators have the support to hold deep, intimate circles of the utmost integrity.


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