Priestessing the Paradigm Shift is a grassroots community platform, a modern Mystery School, & a co-created container for incredible growth, transformation, & healing. We are here to serve, connect, & nourish Priestesses who remember. We are passionate about spreading the ancient teachings of the Wombmyn’s Mysteries & we do so through the lens of ceremony, devotion, & radical self-love.


We are living in the time of a Paradigmal Shift; humans & the Earth we live on are transitioning into a New Era of Existence. Everything & everyone is undergoing immense change & inevitable transformation. We believe that many Priestesses, Mystics, Shamanas, Seers, Psychics, Healers, Dakinis, Tantrikas, & Starseed Souls are intentionally reincarnating on the Earth Plane at this precise time in order to hold space for the collective as we move into the New Earth. The Shadow is coming to the surface & demanding to be fully seen & recognized. A safe space must be held for processing & integration while the collective consciousness goes through this cosmic upgrade.

About Us

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Our aim is to bring modern technology & new-paradigm systems of existence into harmony with the wisdom of ancient teachings. Our facilitators guide, instead of teaching. We intend to nourish & honor your unique soul expression & self-healing journey. Priestessing the Paradigm shift is a container for self-initiation & empowered remembrance. As Priestess, we serve as reflections inviting our sisters to remember their innate divinity.

At Priestessing the Paradigm Shift, we believe that community is built through shared education. Education is empowerment; having access to new ways of living & different perspectives is empowerment. When individuals feel empowered, they feel comfortable sharing their unique story, vision, & medicine with the world... immense healing happens!!! What our world truly needs in this moment, is more individuals stepping into their truest authenticity & ultimate potential. During this potent energy vortex, it is our total responsibility to share our Truth & Light with the collective. It is our total responsibility to hold space for each other as we step deeper & deeper into ourselves.

What does it mean to Priestess the Paradigm Shift?

To Priestess the Paradigm Shift means to be of service to Earth & all her creatures as we transition into a new plane of consciousness. It is to be open to Divine Wisdom that may be channeled to the collective so that all may heal & know their true power & oneness. It is to remember the ancient ways of life…adoration of the body, of the blood, of union, birth, & death. It is often going against the grain of modern society, to question everything you’re told & creating a new way of living that bridges the ancient & modern into a cohesive, sustainable, fluid, & ecstatic practice of presence.

One who invokes the archetype of Priestess is innately an empath that wants to heal the world around her. This path will teach the necessity of self-love & care. The Priestess Arts gently remind us that if we don’t first take care of ourselves, we are unable to take care of anyone else. When a woman heals herself, she heals the world.

Sister, I know that you have great gifts, that you see things that others don’t, that you feel the subtleties of energy that often go unnoticed, that you create with your will & intention. I know, Beloved, that this Path of Priestess Presence is not always an easy road to journey. As a Priestess of the Moon, you are Shadow half of your cycle & you might live in a world where you shadow is shamed. I am here to remind you that you never have to walk this path alone. Priestessing the Paradigm Shift believes that it is vital to hold space for each other & our unique self-healing journeys as we navigate & integrate these shifts & upgrades in consciousness. What you are feeling, what you are tapping into….it’s real. So real. Keep listening.

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