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Womb Healing Activations

Dive deep into your personal womb healing journey & Priestess Path, with 1-on-1 support & guidance. These activation sessions are an opportunity for you to nourish the alchemical container of your womb, releasing any stagnation & limitation to fully embody health, vitality, creativity, & resiliency.

These initiatory sessions invite you to drop deep within yourself, while being held in a safe & sacred container. Together we will tune into the Collective Womb Grid, unravel ancestral wounding, unearth trauma & shadow, explore new heights of ecstasy & expression, & share our stories & truths.

Womb Healing Sessions are tailored to your unique soul journey.

Please read below to explore available structured sessions.


Womb Wellness Attunement

The yoni, the womb, the stargate of creation, is the portal into the third dimensional world and has been celebrated throughout human history.  Learn how to cultivate the healing & creative power of your holy womb center. We’ll discuss practical yoni care to keep your flower juicy, vibrant, & happy, as well as energetic practices to keep your womb open, cleansed, & balanced. We will also delve into feminine rhythms, hormonal cycles, & archetypal phases associated with the journey of wombmyn.


Love My Yoni


Cycle Synching


Moon Blood Mastery

Delve into the Divine Feminine Mysteries & the many embodiments of She. Through sacred sharing, guided meditations, & heart-opening exercises, together we will attune our spirits to the Sacred Feminine energies. Explore how you can integrate the Divine Feminine energies into your modern live, activating the inner-Goddess that you already are. *This is a great session for someone who is just getting tuned into the Wombmyn’s Mysteries & desires to bring the God*dess in their everyday lives.*

Deepening Connection in Sister Circles

Devote yourself to the daily practice of self-love & radical self-care. The Priestess Path teaches us to first care for ourselves before we overflow & take care of the community. Intimate, sensual, honest, open, healing, & playful alone time is totally necessary for a Priestess & Mystic. Learn how to truly love & take care of the beautiful body that you reside in, create peace within your mind, breakthrough old habits & patterns, & find comfort & empowerment within your sacred self.


(1) 90 minute session: $111

(2) 90 minute sessions: $199

(3) 90 minute sessions: $255

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