3rd Annual Red Tent Priestess Activation

A Reclamation of Ancient Sisterhood

The 3rd Annual Red Tent Priestess Activation

May 9th-12th, 2019 at the Goddess Temple of Ashland, Oregon

The Red Tent Priestess Activation is back for our 3rd year! This immersive retreat is both a training in the Women’s Mysteries & an opportunity for radical self-care & deep elemental connection.

The Red Tent Priestess Activation is a 4 day Women's Retreat & Celebration of all things Feminine. We'll pass down teachings of the Red Tent Tradition & share key-codes for holding Sister Circles with embodied presence & enthroned power.  This is a space that deeply honors your personal experience & invites you to step fully into your Feminine Leadership capabilities. Within this intimate container, we'll share initiatory ceremonies, pass oracular transmissions & Priestess teachings, & hold space for deep, cathartic expression.

Sister,  do you hear the call to gather the women? Do you see the magick of sisters joined together in circle? Do you feel the desire to deepen your practice as a Ceremonialist & Priestess?  Please join us, Beloved, for an immersive initiation, delving into the ancient teachings of the Women's Mysteries & exploring embodiment of the Red Feminine. We will gather like the wise women of our pasts, united in sisterhood to honor our sacred cycles.

Our intention is to give you the support, skills, knowledge, & understanding to facilitate your own Sister Circles. You will receive 1-on-1 support, time & space for precious connection to Self & the Earth, profound Priestess Initiations, & the timeless union of Sisterhood.

Connect with like-minded sisters in a safe & loving container. Find the strength to break through old stories & embrace your birthright of Sacred Sisterhood.

Gain the skills to start your own Red Tent Circle or make your current Sister Circle even juicier... Spread this womb magick & empowerment with others!

Initiate yourself even deeper into the Priestess Arts & Red Tent Tradition, while surrounded by unyielding support & deep trust in your process.

SHE is Calling You Home...


  • 4 Days of Sisterhood, Ceremony, & Red Tent Priestess Initiations

  • Transmissions Exploring: The Blood Mysteries, Navigating Circle Energetics, Ceremony Facilitation, Womb Healing Techniques, Elemental Embodiment, & more!

  • 3 Morning Goddess Yoga Sessions

  • Ritual Re-Birthing Ceremony in the Mikvah (Spring Water Immersion Pool)

  • Yoni Steaming Ceremony

  • Serpent Dance Initiation

  • 3 Vegan, Gluten-Free Dinners & 3 Super Food Breakfast Smoothies

  • Shuttle Service to & from Medford Airport

  • Tent Camping (you bring your own tent & gear) & Kitchen Access

  • Red Tent Priestess Certification

  • 15 Page Guide to Sister Circle Facilitation


Laura Carmody

Womb Whisperer & Menstrual Empowerment Educator

"Your womb knows the way. You already hold the keys to unlock your unlimited potential of Fierce Feminine Embodiment.  Your womb remembers. Let us relax into this remembrance together."

Graell Corsini

Devotional Yoga Instructor & Midwife of the Veils

"As we walk the Path of Sacred Living, we naturally face the daily portal of Initiation. As Priestess, may we encourage each other to find our true selves, thru the devotion of bridging our hearts with every threshold, gateway, and veil we are presented with." 


Our weekend immersion will be held at a private forest sanctuary in the mountains above Ashland, Oregon.


On Saturday, we will have a "field trip" day to The Goddess Temple of Ashland. The Goddess Temple is an omni-faith temple that honors the Divine Feminine in everyone & everything.  On these sacred lands, we will meet the Goddess in the landscape, & be completely immersed in her bounty & beauty.


Learn more about the Goddess Temple

Awaken Your Ancestral Womb Wisdom.

Tap Into Your Primal Feminine Essence. 

Be Held in a Container of Sisterhood & Support.


Dates & Times

Arrive Thursday, May 9th by 5pm.

We close Sunday, May 12th at 5pm.


Tent camping is included in the cost of tuition, Thursday evening thru Monday morning. 

More luxury accommodations (hotels, Air BnBs, or stays in town) can be arranged if desired. 


Vegan & gluten free dinners & breakfast superfood smoothies are provided Friday-Sunday. You are responsible for providing all other meals (dinner Thursday & all lunches) yourself. Dinners & smoothies will be alchemized by the Black Acorn Food Truck.


Early Bird: (January & February): $333
Middle Road: (March & April): $388
Full Tuition: (May): $444



Red Tent Priestess Activation

May 9-12, 2019

Ashland, Oregon

*Retreat is Limited to 22 Women*

**All tickets are final & nonrefundable.**

More Helpful Infomation


TRASH: This is a low to no trash event.  Pack it in, pack it out. Any trash you create, you are personally responsible for taking out with you when you leave.




A low environmental impact is central to the intention of this retreat. As we heal the Earth, we heal ourselves. One cannot occur without the other.

TRASH: This is a low to no trash event.  Pack it in, pack it out. Any trash you create, you are personally responsible for taking out with you when you leave.

CHEMICALS: No harsh chemicals are allowed on the land. Please keep this in mind when packing soap & toothpastes. Natural products only, please.

WATER: We hold a deep reverence & respect for water. Water conservation is of utmost important to this event. Water is available on site, but we are highly aware of how we use it. If possible, we suggest bringing your own 5 gallon jug of water.


All work exchange positions are now full. Thank you for your interest in supporting this container!


2 Full Tuition Scholarships have been awarded.


Thank you for your interest in being a part of this event!

An incredible uprising is at work on the Earth...

Women everywhere are remembering the magick of their wombs & the beauty of their blood.

We are joining in circle; witnessing each other sharing our truths.

We are offering our moon blood to the Earth as a holy sacrament.

We are consciously healing the trauma, guilt, shame, & fear once held within our wombs & the Collective Feminine.

We are reclaiming.

We are remembering.

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