Women, Wombs, & Water:

Bringing Menstrual Cups & Clean Water Filters to the Families of Rural Guatemala


In many rural parts of Guatemala, menstruation is shamed or highly taboo. Women can struggle to find access to menstrual care products and proper menstrual education, which can keep women and girls from attending school and excelling in their everyday lives.


Additionally, menstrual care products that are available are often expensive, detrimental to health overtime, and terrible for the environment. Most traditional tampons and pads contain bleach, herbicides, and dangerous carcinogens. They are bad for vaginal health and are rapidly filling up our landfills, or being disposed of improperly. 


The need for clean water is intrinsically connected with proper menstrual care. Ample drinking water is needed for bleeding people to remain healthy and hydrated. Menstruating people also require access to clean hand washing stations to sanitize their hands and reusable menstrual care products properly. Unfortunately, the water in Guatemala often carries disease and parasites. These diseases can lead to severe stomach issues & malnutrition, which affects children the greatest.

During our travels in Guatemala, our team had the opportunity to witness first-hand the major lack of menstrual hygiene management. This means that many girls & women in rural parts of the country do not have access to: menstrual education, proper menstrual care products, disposal mechanisms, or clean water & sanitation facilities.

Our Journey


In late 2018 our team launched a campaign to bring menstrual cups to families in rural parts of the country. We partnered with Mahina Cup, a US based menstrual cup distributor, and traveled to Guatemala with 180 menstrual cups and a 1 page educational material written in Spanish. 

The initial launch of our project was an amazing success & we delivered the 180 menstrual cups to communities on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Some of the cups were distributed through one-on-one relationships, and we also had the opportunity to go into a school to donate cups and speak with girls ages 12-14 about menstruation, sustainability, and hygiene. These girls, along with all of the women we worked with, were extremely open, receptive, curious, and grateful. Many of the women we worked with had amazing success introducing the menstrual cup into their routines. I was able to witness first-hand the very real and positive implications of introducing this menstrual technology into rural Guatemalan communities.

During our time in Guatemala, we also witnessed the major clean water crisis. The unavailability of clean drinking water in this region is intrinsically connected to proper menstrual hygiene management. To help bring resolution to this issue, we partnered with  Water 4 Life Global, a Global Nonprofit Organization that brings water filters to families in rural Guatemala. 



We returned to Guatemala again in December of 2019, preparing to launch our second menstrual cup delivery in early 2020. 

How You Can Help

Our fundraiser has relaunched & we are now accepting donations through our GoFundMe campaign! Your donation will directly impact the lives of girls, women, & families in Guatemalan communities. 

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