About Laura

Priestess Laura Carmody is the FoundHer, Crystalline Creatrix, Divine Destroyer, Womb Weaver, & Word Witch at Priestessing the Paradigm Shift. She is an elemental Priestess, female empowerment educator, & performance artist. She feels a deep calling to spread the Wombmyn’s Mysteries across the world & allows her vessel to be a hollow bone through which Goddess may travel.

Laura invites individuals to connect with their own unique internal elemental rhythm, balance, & cyclical flow. Through a devotional approach to her Priestess Path, she serves as an embodied example of fierce, yet soft & open, feminine leadership & sovereignty. Her offerings are rooted in the physicality of the body, & how through body connection we can invoke inner-knowing, intuition, & ecstatic bliss.

Laura's formal Priestess training began with with Aurora Rae FaeTerra at OurRedTent.com. She has continued her studies in the Priestess Arts at the Goddess Temple of Ashland, under temple founder Graell Corsini. At the Goddess Temple Laura served as Priestess of the Moon Lodge for 2 years & now holds the space of Temple Coordinator.


Much of Laura's Priestess remembering & spiritual practice is rooted in solitary work & initiations of the sacred Shadow. Laura brings a balanced, well-rounded perspective of facilitation & space holding to her offerings, birthed from both intimate work with a temple community & deep devotion to her personal self-healing journey.