Red Tent Priestess Training

A Reclamation of Ancient Sisterhood

The 2nd Annual Ohio Red Tent Priestess Training

September 27th-29th, 2019 in Columbus, Ohio

The Red Tent Priestess Activation is coming back to Ohio! This immersive weekend is both a training in the Women’s Mysteries & an opportunity for radical self-care & deep elemental connection.

The Red Tent Priestess Activation is a 3 day training in Sister Circle Facilitation. We'll pass down teachings of the Red Tent Tradition & share secrets for holding Sister Circles with embodied presence & enthroned power.  This is a space that deeply honors your personal experience & invites you to step fully into your Feminine Leadership capabilities. Within this intimate container, we'll share initiatory ceremonies, pass oracular transmissions & Priestess teachings, & hold space for deep, cathartic expression.

Sister,  do you hear the call to gather the women?

Do you see the magick of sisters joined together in circle?

Do you feel the potent power of your blood & womb?

Do you feel the desire to deepen your practice as a Ceremonialist & Priestess?


Feeling a full-body YES?! Please join us for an immersive weekend initiation, delving into the ancient teachings of the Women's Mysteries & exploring embodiment of the Red Feminine. We will gather like the wise women of our pasts, united in sisterhood to honor our sacred cycles.

The intention of this training is to give you the support, skills, knowledge, & understanding to facilitate your own Sister Circles. 

You will receive 1-on-1 sisterhood support, profound priestess initiations, & the timeless connection that is created when gathered amongst wombmyn of the Red Thread.

Priestess Retreat, Third Eye Anointing, Initiation, Siterhood

Connect with like-minded sisters in a safe & loving container. Find the strength to break through old wounds & embrace your birthright of Sacred Sisterhood.

Womb Wisdom, Yoni Mudra, Feminine Power, Priestess,Goddess

Gain the skills to start your own Red Tent Circle or make your current Sister Circle even juicier... Spreading the womb magick across the Yoniverse!

Serpent Dancing, Serpent Priestess, Snake Goddess, Priestess Initiation, Lilith

Initiate yourself even deeper into the Priestess Arts & Red Tent Tradition, all while surrounded by unyielding support & deep trust in your process.

SHE is Calling You Home...


  • 3 Days of Sisterhood, Ceremony, Circle Building Exercises, & Red Tent Priestess Initiations

  • Transmissions Exploring... The Blood Mysteries, Navigating Circle Energetics, Ceremony Facilitation, Womb Healing Techniques, Elemental Embodiment, & more

  • Yoni Steam Ceremony

  • Embodied Movement Ritual

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • 2 Morning Yoga Sessions

  • Red Tent Priestess Certification

  • 15 page guide to Sister Circle Facilitation

Awaken Your Ancestral Womb Wisdom,

Tap Into Your Primal Feminine Essence, 

& Relax Into a Container of Sisterhood & Support.


Dates & Times

Arrival: Friday, September 27th by 4pm

Departure: Sunday, September 29th at 5pm


Our immersion will be held at a private home, 20 minutes outside of Columbus, Ohio. Bring your own bedding to make a nest on the floor, bring a tent & gear to sleep in the backyard, go home at night to rest, or make reservations at a nearby hotel/Air BnB. 


All meals will be shared potluck style. You are welcome to opt out of the potlucks & prepare your own meals if you wish.


Early Bird (Until August 1st): $288

 Full Tuition (After August 1st): $333




Ohio Red Tent Priestess Training

September 27-29, 2019

Columbus, Ohio


*Training is Limited to 13 Women*

**All tuition payments are nonrefundable.**


An incredible uprising is at work on Earth...

Women everywhere are remembering the magick of their wombs & the beauty of their blood.

We are joining in circle, witnessing each other sharing our truths.

We are offering our moon blood to the Earth as a holy sacrament.

We are consciously cleansing our wombs of trauma, guilt, shame, & fear.

We are reclaiming & remembering.