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Menstrual Divination: Bleeding Twice in One Moon Cycle

Have you ever bled twice in one 28 day moon cycle? Maybe your menstrual cycle is typically predictable & out of nowhere, you receive your moon 2 weeks “early”. Bleeding twice in one spiral of the moon is not an uncommon occurrence, & there are many reasons that your shed might initiate unexpectedly.

Our menstrual cycles are in constant communication with us. Our cycles connect us to our inner-most being, while also connecting us to the moon, stars, sun, earth, & all beings. Every cycle our blood blesses us with a clear divination reading, mirroring our current vibrational essence- physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually. When looking for answers to why your cycle is shifting- look within. Ask your womb, ask your blood. Inquire what has been shifting in your field that might correlate to a shift in your blood time. Look into your blood, like the scrying mirror that it is & receive the codes.

Your womb is your teacher. Your blood is your oracle. Your cycle is your tool of divination.

It is important to remember that changes in your cycle could be pointing to an underlying hormonal imbalance. This is especially true if you witness that you have an unpredictable cycle over a prolonger period of time. However, changes in our cycles are often reflective of shifts in our personal lives, relationships, & emotional bodies. Always approach menstrual divination with a holistic lens, taking into account all the physical, mental, spiritual, & emotional factors that may be playing a role.

Below we will explore four different situations that may encourage you to bleed twice in one moon cycle: a time of potent spiritual activation, a time of major shedding, synching your cycle with the moon or other wombmyn, & finally- the Earth wants your blood! These energetic portal times have been derived from my personal experiences with menstrual divination. These are simply invitations for you to drop deeper into your womb & blood, scrying the symbolic shed that your blood is unveiling to you. What other reasons have you found that may bring your blood twice in one moon cycle?

1. Time of Spiritual Activation

In times of spiritual activation, it can be beneficial to be tapped into the shamanic realms that are available to us through menstruation. It is said in the Women’s Mysteries that when bleeding, a woman is most attuned to the collective & most capable of easily receiving cosmic insights & divinations. Modern science now finds that during menstruation, we have the greatest amount of left-right brain functioning. The unique neurochemistry present during menstruation makes this a powerful time for inner-work, creative projects, magick, ceremony, processing, & cathartic healing.

When we are bleeding, the veil between the worlds is thinnest. We feel deeply connected to our guides & inner-wisdom. We feel totally aligned with our truth & soul’s purpose. We see to the core of things & understand all as it truly is. These powerful aspects of menstruation are also deeply beneficial & supportive when we are dedicating ourselves to the next chapter of our spiritual evolution & soul growth.

Rapid deaths & rebirths facilitate rapid growth. With every blood, we grow stronger, wiser, & more connected to our bodies. When experiencing leaps of spiritual activation & self growth, bleeding can support you in claiming the highest & most optimum version of your sacred self. All the while, your blood time is assisting you in maintaining clear connection to your guides, ancestors, & inner-most truths.

2. Time of Major Shedding

Our sacred menstruation supports us in times of major shedding, releasing, death, & rebirth. Bleeding is a ceremony in & of itself; one of the most powerful ceremonies in the world. It allows us to exist in a shamanic realm of death & rebirth, releasing from our womb the uterine lining to the Earth so that more can be built again. As this physical death & rebirth occurs within our wombs, the energetic potency of this initiation is effortlessly available to us. When moving through major death & rebirth portals in our lives, menstruation supports us in successfully purging what no longer serves the greatest good of all. This might becoming present in our lives during times of major releasing of: old version of ourselves, limiting beliefs or judgements, thought patterns that no longer serve, lineage traumas, womb shame, disease, imbalances, & more.

When we say yes to the path of Blood Priestessing, we are saying yes to consciously releasing old patterns, traumas, & stories for the collective through our wombs & blood. Wise women shed for not just themselves, but for the entire collective. We hold it as a divine responsibility to consciously give to the Earth what no longer serves through our sacred moon blood offerings. We intentionally hold space for the collective to purge; the death of an old way of relating & a rebirth into the New Earth. Perhaps when the Earth is receiving energetic downloads, certain women bleed more often in order to support the collective upgrade and restructuring. During these potent energy portals, bleeding people will receive deep & powerful insights regarding the cosmic transitions, deaths, & rebirthings.

When my blood comes at a time that feels temporarily inconvenient or unexpectedly frequent, I gently remind myself that I am blessed to shed for the collective & for my lineage. This is an honor that womb-carriers hold, to Priestess the Paradigm Shift through the shedding of our blood; to offer our sacred fluids back to the Earth mother with loving prayer and sacred intention. Whether shedding for the collective or our own personal journey, our blood time supports us in gracefully releasing what no longer serves to be composted and reborn from the Earth. The Mysteries of the Rose, the Infinite Cycle of Death & Rebirth, are perfectly mirrored within the shamanic journey of our wombs.

3. Synching with Moon & Wombs

Our wombs are amazingly intelligent creatures, shifting to synch with both the phases of the moon & the hormonal cycles of other womb-carriers around us.

There is different medicine to be received dependent on what phase of the moon you bleed under. You may bleed for months under the New Moon, feeling so deeply a connection to this tradition of dark moon shedding. Your hormonal cycle is a mirror reflection of the moon’s waxing & waning, & you adore bleeding with the dark & ovulating with the full. But surprisingly, you receive your moon blood on a Full Moon, without other major internal or external influences that may have encouraged this shift. Perhaps, there are teachings of the Full Moon Blood that your womb is ready to unlock, & so your blood shifts to accommodate this. You experience different energetic downloads, physical sensations, & expressions of creativity dependent on what phase the moon is in when you bleed.

In ancient times, most women bled together under the Dark Moon. A small group of women bled with the Full Moon- these were the priestesses, witches, & space holders of the Red Tent. The Full Moon bleeders shifted & cycled, so that all women had the opportunity to bleed with different phases of the moon & serve their sisterhood. As a modern Blood Priestess, your moontime will likely shift so that you can have a more holistic understanding of what it means to bleed with different phases of Mama Luna. This allows you to receive a full-spectrum download from the Moon into your womb, embodying the fullness of her mysterious cycle.

Our wombs synchronize with the wombs that are around us often, creating a vibrational moonstration field. Our bodies & wombs remember the times when women bled together in the Red Tent. Our ancient souls remember the potency of sisters gathered together in the ceremony of bleeding. When bleeding wombs are in close proximity, an etheric container is created that invites an altered state of consciousness. Intuition is activated, creativity is ignited, and prayers are even more profound and powerful. Womb carriers who live in the same home & spend a large amount of time together often notice their menstrual cycles synching up. This can also happen with spirit sisters who are doing deep work together, even if they are on the other side of the globe from each other. The energetic ways of the womb grid are outside of our understanding of time, space, & distance.

Often, Womb Priestesses go through menstrual cycle shifts collectively. This is due to cosmic alignments that are working with the cycles of our wombs. Our wombs, blood, & cycles are attuning to the cosmic shifts, & in turn women’s menstrual cycles start to go through changes as well. Have you ever witnessed a shift in your menstrual cycle and noticed that other sisters are shifting as well? Perhaps there is an incoming of celestial information moving through our wombs that is most easily accessible under a certain Moon Phase, and our blood time adjusts accordingly.

4. The Earth Wants Your Blood!

Sacred Sites WANT to receive offerings of your sacred fluids. Moon Blood (& all of our sacred fluid) offerings activate the energetic codes that are held in a place. Feeding our blood to the land of sacred sites, we are also feeding the dragon line (Ley lines) that connect all sacred sites throughout the planet. This encourages a strong network of etheric communication in the collective consciousness, weaving the ancestral wisdom of all these ancient sites into human awareness.

Many Blood Priestesses feel called to visit sacred sites around the world, assisting in activating the ancient wisdom that resides within these temples. It is not unusual to receive your moon “early” or “late”, finding that your blood comes in perfect alignment with your arrival at an auspicious place of worship. The land wants to receive the menstrual blood & sacred fluids of priestesses who walk this path with truth, integrity, & devotion. The elements, earth, & moon will work with the cycles of your body to bring your blood at exactly the divine right timing.

By giving your blood to the land, you are merging your DNA with the DNA of the land. This forever connects you to this place. You are also merging your DNA with the DNA of all who have tended this land & offered their sacred fluids here before you. This forever connects you to lineages of Mystery Schools that have made pilgrimages to these sacred sites to study & hold ritual.

Moon Blood is Magick. Anytime you bleed, it is perfect. Anytime you bleed, your womb is speaking to you.

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