Priestess Arts Immersion

Online Sister Circle Series

A 4 Month, Immersive Journey Into the Priestess Arts

Beginning in March 2018

Gather with sisters from across the globe, to create an online container for connection, expansion, expression, & healing. Over the course of four months, we will delve deep into the Wombmyn's Mysteries, exploring how we can embody the ancient teachings of womb wisdom as modern wombmyn, mystics, & healers. This circle is both a training in the Priestess Arts & an opportunity for deep connection with yourself & your sisters.


EVERY NEW MOON... we’ll gather for circle. In safe & sacred space, we'll explore how we can tap into our Primal Priestess Presence & weave the Women's Mysteries into our modern society to facilitate deep healing within & without. If you’re interested in learning more about the Priestess Arts, would like to deepen your current practice, or you are ready to reactivate your Priestess Path, this circle is for you! 

Some Topics We’ll Explore Together:

~The Blood Mysteries
~Radical Self-Love & Self-Care
~Ritual & Ceremony 
~Sacred Sexuality
~Conscious Relationships
~Earth Based Spirituality
~Sacred Activism

~The Oracular Teaching of the Red Tent Tradition & Wombmyn's Mysteries

Why Does Gathering in Circle Matter?

Since the beginning of time, women have come together in circle to hold council & ceremony. In fact, Sister Circles held under the New Moon are thought to be the first ceremonies that humans have ever practiced. When women come together in circle, they heal themselves & the entire world around them. They become clear with their intentions, deepen their emotional intelligence, & become centered in their Feminine essence. A coven becomes a nurturing support unit, an ally, & an advocate for each sister. This is an incredibly transformative time in Earth's history & now more than ever, we must gather in circle & create spaces for authentic expression & nonjudgmental support.

We each play a pivotal role in this Paradigm Shift & we are being asked to step up in major ways. The choice is ours. We have the opportunity to consciously dissolve old patterns & programs, choosing unconditional love & truth, ushering in a New Earth of balance, love, respect, & unity.  We have the opportunity to break through our blockages, heal our deepest wounds, & show up in  authenticity & rawness.  We have the choice to love ourselves & our bodies deeply, to remembering our divinity, honoring our humanity, & embodying our highest truth!

Priestesses are the Guardians of the Gateways & the Midwives of the Veil.

We find our power through change & transformation & we serve others as they navigate their transitional rites. Those who embody the archetype of Priestess naturally hold deep space for ourselves, our loved ones, & the collective. For this reason, it's vitally important for us to regularly be in ceremony, sharing our truths, expelling our fears, & being witnessed in deep presence. You cannot overflow from a dry well. We must return to places of sisterhood, connection,  & deep nourishment. This circle aims to be that place.

The internet offers infinite ways for us to connect & support each other. We have access to this truly magickal tool that facilitates global communication & exchange, connecting nodes on the grid of collective consciousness. This Circle invites you to link up with Medicine Wombmyn from across the planet, to unite in Sacred Sisterhood, to share our stories, & to nurture ourselves. 

More Details:

This circle will be capped at 8 women total, mirroring the 8 phases of Mama Luna.

*All spots are currently full!* 


Dates of Circle:

Friday, March 16th

Saturday, April 14th

Tuesday, May 15th

Wednesday, June 13th

*12pm (noon) PST under the New Moon*

**Circle is always recorded & sent out to those who can't join us live**


Sliding scale $111-$222 for the entire 4 months.

*$55 nonrefundable deposit saves your spot in circle*


Process of Enrollment:

1. Pay your $55 Deposit.


2. Then, you'll receive an email with a form to fill out.  Here you'll let us know how much you are able to pay for our tuition request.

3. After your initial deposit, you can either pay the remainder for tuition in full or start on a $55/month payment plan.

3. Next, you'll receive a list of juicy resources that you can start diving into before we meet in circle!

Questions? Email me at:

Beloved Sisters,

Do you truly believe that we can create & live in a world of balance, love, respect, & equality?!

If your heart says yes, please join me in sacred sisterhood as we Priestess the Paradigm Shift.

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