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Do you hear the call to gather the women? 

Priestesses around the world are awakening to a remembrance of their ancient ways. We are remembering a time when women gathered under the New Moon, sharing in ceremony & celebrating each other. We are remembering a time when moon blood was honored as sacred & was offered to the Earth in ceremony.We are remembering a time when all of life's transitions were marked with rites of passage & celebration. We are remembering a time when women & their wombs were honored as sacred. We are gathering to reclaim these ancient ways.

This is an intimate, immersive training series & an Initiation into the  Red Tent Tradition.

Are you ready, Sister, to embody your Feminine Leadership capabilities & dive deep into Sister Circle Facilitation?  

This guided, 3 month training series, empowers you to spark your own inner-remembrance in order to hold space as a ceremonialist.  We will learn how to invoke empty presence, allowing our bodies to be vessels through which the word of the Divine may travel.  Discover the the Red Tent Tradition & learn how you can incorporate these ancient teachings into your circle facilitation as a Modern Blood Priestess. 

This Training is for you If...

~You want to start facilitating your own monthly Sister Circles

~You want to enliven your current Sister Circle & learn more tools for space holding & facilitation

~You're ready to deepen your understanding of your moon cycle & connect to your womb wisdom

~You'd like to learn more about the Priestess Arts & Blood Mysteries, whether you're just awakening to these teachings or are already a seasoned Priestess

~You feel called to take a leadership roll in your community & share womb empowerment with people around you

~You're awakening to the Women's Mysteries & Red Tent Tradition & would like support, guidance, & witnessing as you undergo this Initiation

What You'll Receive

~Three 1-on-1 video training sessions (2-3 hours each) with Priestess Laura, spanning over 3 months

(To learn more about Laura, CLICK HERE)

~Initiations into a timeless lineage of sisterhood, with loving support & witnessing throughout your entire process

~15 page guide to Red Tent Circle Facilitation

~Suggested studies list with invitations for: journal questions, applied activities, books, videos, meditations, podcasts, & more

Some Things We'll Explore Together...

~The Ancient, Oral Tradition of the Red Tent Mysteries & Path of the Red Feminine/ Blood Priestess

~Invoking Empty Presence, creating Sacred Space & a Safe Container, calling in the Directions & Elements


~The Sacred Witness & the Power of Deep Listening

~Navigating circle energetics, facilitating council sharing, & holding space as a Ceremonialist & Priestess


~Creating juicy group activities for ceremony, & nourishing community through sister circles

~Oracular Womb Consciousness & Moon Blood Expression

Love Investment

$444-$555 sliding scale Tuition Offering

*Payments can be made in increments*

How the sliding scale tuition works... Please pay what you what, in honesty & integrity. By paying the full $555 if you a truly able, you make it possible for me to offer more scholarships & reduced tuition trainings for those with lower income & greater need. The idea is to create a blissful & equal exchange for everyone involved! Thank you so much for supporting my offerings & investing in yourself!

Scholarship Offering

Twice a year,  1 full scholarship is awarded for a Red Tent Priestess Training .

Priority goes to BIPOC and single moms.

Next scholarship awarded: May 1st, 2020

To fill out a scholarship application: CLICK HERE

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